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Stunt Bike Simulator
By Silverbird
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #42

Stunt Bike Simulator

M Chad Adams, being a bit of a poseur, has set himself five daring tasks, in order to show off to all his stuntmen rivals.

The first task sees our hero flying low over a road on a hang-glider, and you have to steer his bike underneath it, dodging cones as you go. When the time is right, a stab of the fire button lowers Chad onto the saddle, from where he drives on to the finishing line.

Bunny-lop logs on an obstacle course in stunt two, then leap through hoops of flame on a similar course in stunt three. Obstacles have to be avoided before a lorry is boarded at the end of task four, and a helicopter is your final vehicle to transfer to.


What an absurd game! The silliness begins with a bike driving itself down a road while the rider flies above on a hang-glider. *Thick or what?*

This section of the game is also really difficult, requiring pixel-perfect positioning to drop onto the bike.

Play in the rest is frustratingly pointless, particularly the hoop level in which the rider does exactly the same thing no matter where you make him jump.

I'd say that Stunt Bike Simulator is one of that unfortunate breed, the game idea without the game.


Another "Simulator" from Silverbird? Did they buy Codemasters whilst I wasn't looking?! Well, at least a series of motorcycle stunts is more original than most budget games, so it's a shame that they're so badly done.

All stages are against a strict time limit, which often halted my progress as I came close to stunt completion, and obstacles in all stages come too thick and fast to be avoided much of the time, slowing the cycle on impact.

The graphics try hard to be well drawn, and the music is good, even i the sound effects are basic. The mst fun part of the game is Chad's Superman impression on the fire hoop section, as he seeingly flies through the air when he leaps!


Presentation 59%
Pause and sound effects/music options.

Graphics 40%
Poor animation, bland use of colour and cardboard cut-out scenery.

Sound 76%
Feeble sound effects but nice music.

Hookability 54%
The stuntman idea is an interesting one, but control and time limit are a chore.

Lastability 32%
All five stunts involve similar use of a motorbike.

Overall 40%
Lack of variety and bad implementation make this poor value for money.