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Strike Force Harrier
By Mirrorsoft
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #60

Strike Force Harrier

It's been a long time coming but it's been well worth the wait. Commodore and Spectrum pilots can now take to the skies in the computerised version of the Harrier Jump Jet.

The original Beeb version got a rave review in February. And I see no reason for us to change our minds. Despite the Spectrum's graphic inadequacies this version of the game/simulation is very playable. With the enhanced pictures and sound the C64 version is great too.

You can enjoy Strike Force Harrier on two levels - and a straightforward zap-the-enemy combat game or a complex flight simulator. There are over 30 controls to cope with if you decide to actually fly the thing.

If you select the combat option you put yourself in the hot seat on a mission to destroy an enemy HQ.

The combat practice mode puts you in the air right away with a squadron of Migs in front of you. Zap them with cannonfire or Sidewinder missiles - but you only get a couple of these, so use them wisely.

The Spectrum graphics don't look bad - although the enemy Migs go tend to be a bit jerky when the bank in front of your Harrier.

The C64 version is very smooth and you get a real impression of gazing out of the Harrier's cockpit.

Strike Force Harrier is set to become a classic of its type on all formats. Take off after it today.