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Strike Force Cobra
By Piranha
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #23

Strike Force Cobra

Strike Force Cobra consists of an elite team of top fighters that you must control in a SAS-style raid on the Enemy's HQ.

This arch villain is threatening to trigger a nuclear holocaust and you must stop him.

It is just as well that your team is picked from the best of the world's fighters including the SAS, Israeli secret service and even the KGB as the Enemy cowers from justice in a heavily-armed fortress protected by human guards, killer robots, automatic weapons and electronic traps.

Each team member is armed with a lightweight sub-machine gun and a supply of Electromagnetic Flux Grenades (EFG) to destroy and distract the robots.

Using the joystick you must guide your team through the fortress level by level until you reach the Enemy himself. This isn't easy and each team member will need all his shooting, throwing, diving and kicking skills just to stay alive.