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Amstrad Action

Strike Force Cobra
By Piranha
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #20

Strike Force Cobra

Strike Force Cobra is a snappy new game from Piranha, following the now-popular storyline of a madman in control of the fate of society as we know it.

An evil genius has captured scientists, and is forcing them to create a hacking system capable of controlling the world's most powerful defence computers. These scientists have been imprisoned by the enemy in a complex labyrinthine fortress. Each scientist knows the code to one of the doors which guard the massive computer room.

The world powers, faced with this slight problem, have formed an elite fighting group. You must choose which of these highly trained fighters you want to take part in this sensitive and dangerous mission. You can take only four of the eight possible members of the Cobra Force. They have various skills including jumping, diving, crouching and kicking.

Strike Force Cobra

Your team is provided with a Digital Lock Breaker for use when at the door of the computer room. Each member has a machine-gun and a supply of Electromagnetic Flux Grenades.

The game starts with each member of your team on the perimeter of the complex. You can control only one at a time. You can dive through windows or smash through certain doors to gain access to the fort. There are lifts to negotiate. These are like the doors in that some are always accessible, whereas others can be controlled only by Control Console. This must be activated to use the doors or lifts.

There is very little colour in this game, and much of the complex is hidden behind walls. Movement is slow, but well animated. Sound is tacky and lacking in excitement. However, it is a game with complex action and a difficult task.

Second Opinion

Strike Force Cobra

At first I wasn't too impressed with this game because of the disappointing graphics and the number of separate keyboard controls. However, as you get into things there are plenty of rooms to explore and puzzles to solve. I think more could have been made of the team element, but on the whole it's a competent enjoyable game.

Green Screen View

Lack of colour makes it perfectly playable.

First Day Target Score

Get all four of the team into the complex.


Graphics 71%
P. An awful lot of different characters.
N. Lacking colour and variety.

Sonics 33%
N. Lifeless effects.

Grab Factor 73%
P. Many initially accessible rooms to explore.
N. The controls aren't easy to grasp; you'll need lots of exploring.

Staying Power 77%
P. Large playing area.
N. The game unfolds well as you explore.

Overall 74%
A large, tough game with lots to do.


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