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Street Hawk
By Ocean
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #15

Street Hawk

Here we go again with yet another TV licensing deal and yet another game that has taken an inordinate amount of time to get to the shelves. Fortunately, unlike other recent releases, this one actually has some decent graphics and reasonable gameplay. It may not set your Amstrad alight, but at least you won't be stomping on the cassette in frustration.

Street Hawk is a motorbike and you are a 'cop with a test-pilot mentality' - which presumably means you like crashing things. This is just as well because you get to do a lot of that - both to yourself and to everyone else.

The action takes place on a downward-scrolling roadway. Your bike appears in the middle of the screen, viewed from overhead. You have to deal with a group of criminals engaged in crimes, while trying to avoid civilians and the police.

Street Hawk

The motorbike can accelerate up to 100mph, move left and right, leap in the air: and shoot a laser forwards. It will meet several types of vehicle on the road, some bad guys and some innocent, travelling at different speeds. You can shoot them or jump on top of them, but only the bad guys get you points. Bumping into the other traffic reduces the armour on the bike; so does being shot by gangsters appearing from manholes.

The first task is to pull up outside a wine store. The screen changes to show the store on a corner. You control a cursor that fires a laser and must shoot three robbers as they charge out of the store for their getaway van. If you succeed you drive on to try to destroy the black sedan car of a kidnapper. Succeed in doing that and you'll have to repeat the task, but with heavier traffic to contend with.

You'll usually find the police on your tail at some point as well. The only way to shake them is to engage Turbo. This clears the street of traffic and races you ahead at 250 mph. Turbo can be used only a limited time on each run.

Street Hawk

Not a classic by any means, but an enjoyable fast-action driving game.

Second Opinion

Some fairly nice graphics, with some great motorbike swerving scenes. I enjoyed blasting everything in sight; if my laser became too hot, then jumping on the car roofs made a nice alternative you can only get away with this briefly, for the police would soon come charging in. Try as you might, you just can't shoot them (must have reinforced chassis).

Playing the game by the rules becomes rather boring: the same tasks to carry out every time. Make your own rules, play it your way - I did and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Good News

P. Good scrolling roadway.
P. Fast shoot-'em-up action.
P. Progressive difficulty keeps you interested.
P. Nice cars and scenery.

Bad News

N. Wine-store scene is simple and uninteresting.
N. Driving and shooting won't hook you for very long.

Bob Wade

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