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Street Hassle
By Mastertronic
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #59

Street Hassle

Even Mastertronic are jumping on the re-release bandwagon this month, with this bizarre game released in 1987 by sister company, Melbourne House. The game's hero - if that's the right word - is a superhero who wears nothing more than some striking yellow Y-fronts and booties. Looking like a wrestler gone mad he walks the horizontally scrolling streets of Melbourne attacking everyone he sees. Blind men with white sticks, handbag armed grannies, gorillas, and vicious dogs: all come in for a beating from the 'hero'. His combat moves are limited, but change from level to level and include such unique actions as the 'ear twister' and 'nut crusher'!

The graphics are big, colourful, and hilarious with some okay backgrounds. Sound FX are adequate, and overall this is a good, if repetitive beat-'em-up with an incredible scenario. The icing on the cake is a weird shoot-'em-up to play while the game loads.