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Street Gang Football
By Codemasters
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #43

Street Gang Football

Another 'New Release' from Codemasters. Don't you find it a bit confusing when every Codemasters' game has 'New Release' splattered all over it, whether it was a new release last week or in 1987? Still, never mind, cos its latest title is very much a new release and, yes, another footie sim. Are there no limits to the number of footie sims the market will bear? This one trades on the old street gang schtick - play the game in the streets and bounce the sphere off walls, cars and passers-by. For the sake of novelty, a little gritty realism has been introduced - whenever there's a disputed goal, the two teams start arguing and eventually fighting. This combat part of the game is straightforward enough - you just alternate the left and right keys (or jiggle your joystick) at speed in the old Hyper Sports style. From then it's back to the football, which isn't nearly as much fun because it's a damn sight harder. It's not a bad game - two may enjoy it more than one - but there's nothing terribly new here other than the timely introduction of violence into the previously rather tame world of the footie sim. Plays well enough, certainly, but it's hardly gripping.

Marcus Berkmann

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