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Street Gang Football
By Codemasters
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #64

Street Gang Football

Two tough New York gangs have decided to settle their differences in Street Gang Football with a game of footy on the city back streets. But there aren't any FA rules here matey, nope these guys play strictly to their own rules. The game is split into two one minute halves with each team doing everything to get the ball, short of murder. And apart from the human obstacles cars, buildings, pavements, potholes etc also thwart your attempts to reach the oppositions goal line.

Most arguments can be settled fairly peacefully, but the occasional punch up occurs when a goal is disputed and the winners are awarded the points. Street Gang Football is my favourite section from 4 Soccer Simulators, so 1 greatly enjoyed causing a bit of computerised aggro against either the computer player or a second person. Graphically the game is good with the back streets looking really dark and dingy, and the players out to cause some damage on their way to the opposition's goal. If you haven't already got 4 Soccer Simulators, take a look.

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