Street Cred Boxing

Publisher: Players Premier
Machine: Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #51

Street Cred Boxing

Biff! Punch! Thwack! And various other equally hard and destructive noises! Joe Lebrinskis, manager of the world famous East Side Boxing Gym, has gotten himself into a spot of bother with the local street gang, and now they're gunning for him. They want fifty grand from him, and they've sent out the "collection boys".

Of course, fifty thousand greenies isn't something you want to part with lightly, so why not train up some of the boys to go out and deal with the oncoming heavies?

A three part program, the first section sees you in the gym. The upper region of your body is shown, as well as a punchbag. The aim is to wiggle the joystick until the 'gloveometer' at the bottom of the screen enters the yellow. Each time that occurs, you pass the test, and are given the chance to train up another fighter, of which five are available.

Next is the sparring session - here you'll find out just how well your boys have done their training. It's just you against the other fighter, winner stays on. The final load (for this is a multi-load program) plus your gang out onto the streets of the mean, lean East Side, facing the onslaught of the enemy fighters. Hit them as hard as you can, dodge their attacks, and you'll win the day and keep your cash! Or at least you will if you have a severe sight problem; so that you don't notice the poor quality characters.

The only aspect of Street Cred Boxing worthy of any praise, really, is the bouncy soundtrack on the title screen; most of the other sonic "delights" aren't. Delightful I mean. What a start for Players' £2.99 label!