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Sord M5

Published in Home Computing Weekly #70

You are stranded on an asteroid, out of fuel. You must guide the droids that appear into your sights and shoot them - don't ask how without fuel! Since they use the same fuel as you, this will magically increase your supply. When you shoot enough, you will be able to go home.

Graphics are rather crude but the explosion of the droid is impressive considering it is written in Basic I. Although control is fiddly because of the joypad the game becomes compulsive and you end u having "just one more go".

Fairly well-presented with a neat title page and various options such as skill levels, high score and nine screen layouy. In fact, the game itself is as good as you are likely to get if you stick to Basic but this is my grumble. Why must GCL stick to Basic when they know Basic I is particularly weak at graphics and sound handling and totally unsuitable for arcade-type games? Only machine code would enable them to top the full potential of the incredibly powerful sound and graphics capabilities of the M5.


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