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Home Computing Weekly

By Imagine
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #50

Having invaded, you command the port and supply facilities for tanks, artillery, and infantry. You keyboard or joystick over the battle area, divided by a river with a single bridge, with a large cursor. This cursor area is examined in larger detail by pressing fire. In magnified mode, using fire button and smaller cursor, you deploy your forces to new positions, check their status and move supply trucks to them.

A "Tickertape" displays a sample message: "Division needs supply". It would be helpful to know which division. Mine stopped and gave "instructions understood" long before I had got them where I wanted. And my supply trucks must be black marketeering, since they rarely reach where I sent them. Even my infantry have a distressing tendency to die miles from the enemy and yards from the supply area.

Perhaps I am not cut out to command or the program is buggd. I tried two different cassettes and both sides of each either crashed or NEWed after about ten minutes of play.

Pleasant graphics, not a lot of movement. Too little action for arcaders - not enough information for strategists. A bit disappointing, really, from Imagine.


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