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Stock Control
By Kemp
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #16

Stock Control

You may or may not have noticed that the Kemp Stock Control program has been about for some time. Well, Kemp have improved their existing program and now have one compatible with ZX microdrive and an improved screen layout. The main features of this program are unlimited entries, audit trail, item/supplier search and it is menu-driven with nine menu options. These include display, update, correct, stock list, total stock value, delete, search and recorder/revalue.

The program has a capacity of 600 records per file and between 350 and 450 records per file, which means one microdrive cartridge can hold 700 to 1,000 records.

Each microdrive will save both program and data and with a full file takes about 30 seconds to load. Verification is automatic when loading or saving, to ensure security. The program and data can still be transferred onto cassette but it takes about three-and-a-half minutes to load. Verification is optional.

I liked the improved screen display which is well aid out and has a green screen effect.

On entering date you first enter the stock number, up to ten characters. Next is the supplier name which has only four characters but allowing 30 for description of goods. Next, your re-order level, seven figures max, and finally unit cost. There is also a ref number which has only four figures. I wish they gave more to hold long invoice numbers.

The search facility is fast, about two seconds, and will search either by supplier or stock number.

With a printer permanently attached, it will keep a full audit trail. The beauty of this program is that it will operate on the ZX printer and all Spectrum Centronics and RS232 printer interfaces to provide output on a 80 column printer. You can also select 32 or 64 characters per line.

With ease, you can print out any stock record, keep a daily file of all updates, corrections, creations, etc. A stock list of all records with their balances plus anything found in the search, and when your rep rings for an order, will give an instant list of all stock that needs re-ordering.

The only fault I found was that you have to enter the date every time you update a record. As you have to enter the date at the start, it would have been better to have the option of pressing one key to repeat the date when updating records of the option of changing it if needed.

The program also has an access-code to deter tampering, but this cannot be relied too strongly upon.

The cassette comes with a booklet to assist you but the program can be followed on the screen with ease. Recommended retail price is £19.95 including VAT which is a fraction of the price you would have to pay for a similar program used on a business computer. All cassettes are also guaranteed for one year and Kemp wil answer any queries you have.

Clive Smith

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