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Sting 64
By Quicksilva
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #6

Sting 64

Here's a busy little game for busy little players who can convince themselves they are bees.

The game is in three sections: in each you must protect your hive from marauding swarms of rival bees.

In the first part the screen shows a hive with a honeycomb in the centre. You control a bee who has to drive off enemies as they approach. The bees here are clever creations, flapping and buzzing very effectively.

Next you must defend your queen. Three hives are shown in 3D. Your queen is in the middle of a ball of bees which must attempt to fight off smaller rival balls.

In the final section you have a Galaxians-style battle as you protect your hive from swooping swarms.

Sting 64 is a good idea which just misses being a good game, mainly because the player has too little to do.