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Steve Davis Snooker
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #94

Following the great success of computerised pool, it seems logical to expect the similar treatment of snooker. This is a fine implementation, with very realistic and predictable movement of the balls, first class sound, with Microspeech if you have the hardware, and excellent graphics.

Set up for joysticks, the cursor is placed at the point you wish to position the cue ball, then moved to the exact point on the target ball. You are then given the opportunity to select power of shot and a cunning device on screen allows spin to be determined by choosing the area of the cue ball to be struck. Press the fire button, and away you go.

Ultra-smooth graphics show all movement realistically, and even the sond of colliding balls is provided. On-screen scrolling is given, and provision is made for a one- or two-player game, though you can't play against the computer apparently.

The only thing which spoils it is the dreadful shimmer of the Spectrum's green, which tends to make everything more difficult to see. Very classy, but rather overpriced.


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