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Steve Davis Snooker
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 3.11

Where's the chalk?

Another welcome re-release in budget format, this game has apparently already sold more than 150,000 copies across a number of machines. By my reckoning, a good proportion of those purchasers will be very happy.

There have been snooker and pool simulations for the Beeb before, of course, but this is the best. Play a friend or Steve Davis (i.e. your Beeb) and you'll be amazed at the complex algorithms at work here - with each shot you choose direction, speed, spin and power. Then watch those reds slip into the pockets!

Not that it's that easy - a fair bit of practice is needed to keep the play under any sort of control, but the game is enjoyable enough for you to worry when our Steve beats you again and again.

This was recommended at full price - as a budget release it's unmissable.

Dave Reeder

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