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Step-By-Step Programming: Acorn Electron Book 1
By Dorling Kindersley
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 2.06

Step-By-Step Programming: Acorn Electron Book 1

This book joins similar titles in the series, and enjoys the same clear and detailed format, with a liberal sprinkling of colour photographs and diagrams. The formula is quite simple - give the reader simple tasks to type in, and then show the correct screen display that they should find in front of them.

The starting point of the book is very basic indeed, and even the most inexperienced user will find that there is little to worry about.

Once the user's confidence has been established the pace of the book accelerates, and the subject matter becomes more difficult, but still in a sufficiently steady manner to avoid confusion. Perhaps the more experienced programmer might find that there are too many screenshots in the early pages, when only a small change has been made by the user. However, someone once said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and on that basis this is indeed a very lengthy tome! It is actually compressed into 64 large format pages.

The authors have colour-coded the entries on each page, so that the book can be quickly and easily referred to as a reference source. Generally the user will find the language used in this book somewhat more easily digested than the User Guide, although both have their good points.

The scope of this book is quite wide. Starting from the simple "plug-in" level, the book moves through colour graphics and sound, dealing with both simple animation and sound envelopes, and explained very concisely. The screenshots are impressive, but easily obtained by the reader.

When book one is clearly understood, there is a companion Volume Two, which will obviously appeal to the more experienced. For the novice or young user, this book is an interesting and helpful idea, while even the more experienced among us will find some of the tips and ideas quite stimulating.