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Home Computing Weekly

By Ariolasoft
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #130

When I saw Stealth at the PCW Show, I knew I would be reviewing it and decided my description would be something like "Buck Rogers" with knobs on. However, I've played it now and it's knocked me into the 21st Century.

I have seen many of these 3-D low flying aircraft arcade games before but none are as convincing and exciting as this. The enemy come right out of the screen at you and the speed is tremendous.

As commander of a space ship you watch as your craft flies towards the black tower on the horizon. This is today's target and the enemy are not going to let you zoom in like a Sunday driver on a spree. Radar installations block your path as tanks, bunkers and scout planes zero in on you, guns blazing. At higher levels these are complimented by amazingly realistic guided missiles and fighter planes with a smattering of volcanoes dotted around the landscape .

As you fly your energy is drained and must be replenished by flying through positive energy douds but there are also negative clouds which will sap your power supply if you fly too near.

The graphics are really convincing and I feel that this is the definitive version of this type of game. Especially worthy of . mention are the missiles which seem to grow in size as they approach. A growth which builds as smoothly as the screen scrolls ever outward.

As you approach your objective the distance is indicated on the screen and you have three chances to reach it. Now the action becomes exceptionally hairy as you try to keep the tower in your sights while avoiding the enemy attacks by weaving to and fro. Success is rewarded with the sight of the tower exploding and you watch as your craft zooms off impressively into the distance and swings upward into the sky.

The opening screen gives the scoring system and also allows you to select any of the first three screens. Although I originally thought that the first two were exceptionally challenging, the third screen is a challenge and a half and I've yet to complete the fourth. Evidently the bunkers change at level five so you'll have to excuse me I must be off on my next mission.