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By Durell
Oric 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

An impressive display shows your spaceship in the centre of the screen and an area of space immediately around you.

On the edge of the screen, among many flashing lights, are several gauges showing energy, shields, armaments and so on, as well as a small square showing where you and the bad guys are in the sector.

The object of the game is to zip around the galaxy chasing the nasties until you either kill them all or get killed trying.

As soon as you have killed all the aliens, you can move to the next sector simply by moving on to a stargate as soon as you find one.

The aliens can be killed in two ways: by the usual photon torpedoes or by the more interesting method of pressing the spacebar when one of the alien craft is very close.

The screen changes to show a 3D display of you chasing the alien through space. You can then shoot him using your phasors whenever he strays into your sights.

The main problem with this game is that it soon becomes apparent that there is not very much to do. The 3D is quite fun, but even that becomes boring after a few games.

The game would benefit greatly if you could use joysticks or if there was more variety, but as it stands it's nicely done but rather dull.


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