Starclash (Micromega) Review | Personal Computer Games - Everygamegoing

Personal Compuer Games

By Dixons
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer Games #4


How's this for an original idea? You control a spaceship and have to shoot your way through waves of alien craft! Yes, it's yet another space shoot-out and I'm afraid this one has nothing new to offer. There are four different waves of aliens, but their movement is more or less identical.

What's worse is that in each wave, the attackers move in formation - no Galaxian type wheeling and swooping. If one must do battle in space, it should at least be interesting.

After getting through the aliens you have to take pot luck at shooting down a narrow 'reactor code' to destroy a 'mother ship'. Then you have the 'thrill' of starting all over again.


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