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Star Crash
By Supersoft
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #9

Star Crash

Star Crash has rocketed on to the British software scene from France, but don't expect any exotic surprises because the scenario is a very familiar one. The on-board computer wakes you up in your cosy refrigerated bedroom and advises you that ill-tempered aliens are about to blast you to smithereens.

There's a long-range radar panel showing you where the opposition is and a damage monitoring system. Every time one of your systems (guidance, lasers, etc) goes out of action the display starts a rapid countdown. Once it reaches zero, the equipment becomes fully operational again.

Your window onto deep space shows the traditional scrolling starry background. Aliens are only visible when they come out of hyperdrive and start blasting you. Their drive status is indicated on the radar panel, which is divided into squares. Some of the squares have white dots on them and if you chase the aliens into one of these areas then they can't fire at you.

Every time they hit you, your power is depleted and if it reaches zero you lose your own and only life. Power builds up again during quiet moments however so there's a certain tactical eement involved in deciding when to hit and when to run.

The title screen flashes up details of your mission in suitably nonsensical sci-fi jargon and is accompanied by some impressive martial music.

Star Crash doesn't offer anything new for interstellar mercenaries. Expect aching fingers and not much else.