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Star Command
By Supersoft
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #9

Star Command

This space shoot-out was written by someone who calls himself Clark Kent, but I think he should stick to being a super-hero and doing quick costume changes in telephone kiosks.

The scenario is all too familiar. You are flying through space when suddenly, surprise, surprise, you run into a meteor shower. You must blast away at the meteors, destroying as many as possible.

As you sit there repeatedly stabbing the fire button, the program flashes up occasional status reports at the top of the screen. First your shields go, then your movement controls. If the hull goes then it's time to collect on the life insurance. You only have one policy so if this happens you have to start all over again.

Once through the meteor storm, you are given a brief time to repair your ship, using special repair units. The number of units available depends on how many meteors you managed to blast earlier. You must allocate the units to shields, hull, and movement controls as you think fit.

Next you do battle with alien craft who swoop down towards you in groups of three. They then jerk about in front of you peppering you with a host of laser bolts.

Star Command suffers from irritating pauses between game sections as you wait for meteors and aliens to appear. There's no on-screen scoring, and during the repair phase you're likely to find yourself running out of time before you've allocated all your repair units.

There's tough competition in outer space and Star Command is just a bit too average for me to give much for its chances.