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Home Computing Weekly

Staircase Stampede
By Comsoft
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #68

Another copy, I hear you all moan. When are we going to get something new and original?

This version of the game has a staircase instead of a pyramid and 'Horrible Harold' instead of bouncing balls. The extra excitement is provided by the wandering boot and the ticking bomb borrowed, one presumes, from the nearly 'Checkman' game.

Whilst these modifications do make a difference, they don't give the game that extra lift which something arriving this late on the market should have. In fact, I think they make the game less interesting than the original, as the snake and spinning discs need skill and dexterity if you are to overcome them properly.

Another criticism is that the game is very slow, because a good part of it is in Basic. This is mainly a problem when the cubes are being drawn but for the price one might have expected the speed that machine code gives.

The price is a real shocker. I really cannot see how a company can try to charge this much for such a mediocre product.


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