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By Bug Byte

Published in A&B Computing 4.09

Another Bug Byte release that caught me by surprise, partly because I had no warning of it and partly because it is quite a fun and evil little game.

Whilst avoiding cats you must collect enough keys to release a cat trap and then trap the cats. Bizarre or bizarre?

Well, it gets worse! Whenever the cats catch the mouse they pick him up by the scruff of the neck and bash him until a circle of stars appear - the graphics here are a delight! Amusing too are the later screens where the mouse passes to the cats a handful of dynamite - can the cat hand it back before it explodes?

Overall, the game is remarkably similar to a hundred others and it is only the theme and death graphics that will make you play it again and again. Very nice music too.

Still, a nice little game that deserves to sell well at this price. Will the Squeakaliser rival Repton for the cutest animated animal award?

Dave Reeder

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