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Spy Vs. Spy II: The Island Caper
By Hi-Tec
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Computer & Video Games #101

Spy Vs. Spy II: The Island Caper

The two MAD spies are back, and they've crashed onto a sub-tropical island - quite handy really, for the top-secret XJ4.5 missile is hidden there somewhere, broken up into three parts. The objective is to recover all the pieces, then rush to the waiting submarine before the other spy does exactly the same. Again, there's a time limit to work to - run out of seconds and the volcano at the middle of the island erupts, destroying everything and everyone in the vicinity.

The Island Caper not only maintains the standard of the original Spy game, but actually improves on it.

Graphics are very atmospheric, with lots of different areas on the island including jungles and swampland (watch out for the quicksand!). There's a whole new range of tools and traps to use, including coconut bombs and a spade with which to dig pits, and the same urgency is present in the gameplay as was in the prequel.


A marvellous game which takes the formula of the original and twists it to make a highly enjoyable and fun-packed one or two-player game. An island caper not to miss out on.