Your Sinclair

Spy Vs. Spy II: The Island Caper
By Databyte
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #19

Spy Vs. Spy II: The Island Caper

A missile is hidden on a remote tropical island and your job is to retrieve it (funny that, eh?) It's in three pieces, though, and the pieces are scattered about the island. And to cap it all someone else is trying to get the same parts as you. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that after a certain length of time, the island's volcano explodes, so once you've found your missile, you'd better find your sub and get out - fast.

The screen display is very complicated with the game options displayed on the right of the screen, and the playing areas, two of them, taking up the rest, one above the other. It's on these screens that the action takes place. The main display is your Trapulator - a short of hi-tech scanning device with lots of bells and whistles, and on here you can monitor your actions. Your opponent also has one of these fiendish devices, as the game can be played in one or two player mode - if you choose one player, the computer is your opponent.

The rest of the display shows a 3D view of the land and you can move left, right, forward and back. If the two characters enter the same area then the action takes place on only one of the screens. A clock counts down the time before the volcano blows its top (the end of the game), so you're racing against time throughout. As well as fighting your opponent, you have to avoid shark attacks, quick sand, coconut bombs and all manner of other hazards as you race to get your bits together. Lots of fun can be had by not only completing the task yourself, but stopping your opponent in his tracks by booby trapping him or luring him to his demise.

It's all good fun, but a touch too complicated for my liking. However, I'm just a simple soul, you might get more out of it than me!

John O'Shea

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