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Spy Vs. Spy
By Hi-Tec
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Sinclair User #98

Spy Vs. Spy

First released a few years ago as the official game of the MAD comic strip, Spy Vs. Spy returns on a new budget label Hi-Tec who have simultaneously released the sequel, Spy Vs. Spy 2: The Island Caper.

The game features the Black Spy and White Spy who insist on giving each other a sound duffing every time they meet. The fun begins when both agents are assigned to get some secret papers out of a foreign embassy. Along the way you must also get a passport, some travellers cheques and a briefcase in which to lug them all to the aeroplace stations outside.

The action takes place in 3D on a split screen arrangement, you on top (oo-er) as White, with the Black spy (a friend or the computer) below. At the right is the trapulator, a handy gadget which lets you set one of a range of traps with which to nobble your adversary. From a bucket of water on the door to a fully blown bomb yet all can be neutralised with umbrellas or buckets of water etc.

The graphics are decidedly wonky. They seem to have been made of 4 pixel blocks and the control can be unresponsive and it is frustrating to eventually set a trap correctly only to see Black come through the other bloomin' door. There is also a complete absence of sound, although it says that key U toggles sound on/off! But with a little perseverance, there's a fairly good game lurking beneath the shoddy graphics.

Overall Summary

A fun-for-a-while little game, slightly marred by the aged graphics.

???Scott Something??

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