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Spy Vs. Spy
By Beyond
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #47

Spy Vs. Spy

MADness rules in this battle of wits between two highly trained special agents who attempt to outwit each other as they bid to steal some top secret plans!

Spy Vs. Spy is based on the characters created by artist Antonio Prohias in MAD magazine. In the cartoon strip, the Black Spy and the White Spy are constantly at each other's throats - often literally! With bombs and complicated booby traps they attempt to do each other a mischief.

The game puts you right in the centre of their dangerous world. You can play the computer or another opponent in this original and amusing arcade/strategy game.

The ultimate aim of the game is to escape from an embassy with the briefcase containing top secret plans. But there are other things you need to find before you can make good your escape.

The game features "Simulvision" - which refers to the split-screen display. The top half of the screen shows the White Spy and the bottom the Black Spy.

Should they move into the same room, both players are shown in one half of the screen. And a punch-up often occurs!

In the right of the main display you'll see the Trapulators. Both spies have one of these interesting devices which enables them to leave bobby traps around for the unsuspecting enemy - traps like time bombs, giant springs, trick guns and other equally deadly things.

Each spy has to search around the rooms of the Embassy - looking in cupboards, filing cabinets or behind pictures in their desperate search for the plans and the other necessary items.

The spies can leave traps where they think the other spy is bound to look. And - despite the split screen display - you have to be really quick to spot where your enemy has put a trap because you're concentrating on laying one for him and looking for the briefcase which contains the documents!

Once you've got everything you need, you must find the door to the airport and make your getaway.

Spy Vs. Spy has been out for some time on the C64 - but it's just as much fun on the Spectrum. And the black and white spy graphics bring the game closer to the cartoon strip.

It's a fast moving game - everything has to be completed before the time runs out and quick thinking is required to defeat your opponent. Especially if you play the computer!

You can alter game options - such as the "intelligence" of the computer and difficulty levels - to make the game even more challenging.

Spy Vs. Spy is a unique, entertaining game. If you like your arcade action with added brain work then Spy is for you. Recommended!