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Computer Gamer

Spy Hunter
By U. S. Gold
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #3

Spy Hunter

This is a race chase type of game where you assume the role of a James Bond-like character equipped with a fast deadly car. It's deadly in that it can fire bullets and has the ability to fire ground-to-air missiles.

The car is dropped by a transporter and the game then begins in earnest. The main idea is to destroy you. The baddies' cars are easy to spot because they are black of course.

Every so often a supply tanker will roll past you and the idea is to dock with it for fuel or bullets and sometimes a few ground-to-air missiles. The ground-to-air come in useful because the baddies have a helicopter that they use. Without the missiles things become slightly difficult.

Once you have completed a lap of the track a sign appears telling you that the bridge ahead is not in use, you must then guide your car down a tunnel that is to the left of the bridge. Failure to do so means that the car goes for a swim!

If you manage this then the game changes to a boat chase with all the usual bombs and mines.

This is a very high quality game that I highly recommend.