Every M5 owner knows that BASIC-I isn't the most comprehensive language when it comes to sprite handling. In fact, it is positively lacking in any commands! This package attempts to fill the gap left in BASIC-I by providing a set of powerful interrupt driven sprite routines.

It consists of five routines: On - which initiates the interrupts driving the sprites, Off - which stops these interrupts, Erase - which erases sprites, Joint - which allows you to join sprites, and Move -. which allows you to move in a variety of ways.

The first four commands are self-explanatory. The fifth is the most complex but the most powerful and useful command in this package. Not only does it allow you to move sprites to a particular position, the great thing about this command is that because it is interrupt driven, once you set a sprite in motion you can forget about it and get on with something else.

These routines will be invaluable to those who do not own BASIC-G. I felt it was slightly overpriced at nearly £6 but since the free demo game in this package is better than any of the cassette based games by CGI, I can't complain.

Sprite Routines (Sord M5)








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