Big K

Sports Hero

Publisher: Melbourne House
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Big K #10

Sports Hero

From zero to hero: a moving tale. Our man begins his career on the urban streets and makes his way in leaps and bounds to the University team and hence the Olympic stadium. He must triumph in all events - the 100 metre sprint, the long jump, 110 metre hurdles and the pole vault. If he fails, he hands his head in shame... and expletes.

There's a lot of information packed in the Sports Hero screen. A scrolling background displays the forum you're in: a light board shows placings, qualifying times, stopwatch and speedometer. And, of course, there's you, sweating it out on the track in the foreground.

But here's the rub. You really will be sweating it out in the foreground. Because the only way to stay inside the qualifying time is to punch your RUN button repeatedly. I mean fast as Hell.

Could this at least be one of those exciting games we've all been warned about that is said to cause all sorts of physiological wotsits? Since Sports Hero I've become an adherent of the view that too many physical jerks can be an unhealthy thing. Remember Jim Fixx - and be warned.