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ZX Computing

Split Personalities
By Domark
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in ZX Computing #28

At last! A game from Domark that lives up to their publicity!

Split Personalities

Based loosely on the old picture puzzles where you slide blocks around, this program shows inventiveness and ingenuity, and by adding a time limit and other related factors they have created a fast, furious and fun game.

The basic task is to move pieces of a picture to their correct position on the main scren. This is done by positioning your cursor over it and 'pushing' it up, down, left or right until it it where you want it.

Other pieces of the puzzle which appear may have related pictures which, when paired correctly with another piece, will give you a bonus. For example, a bullet goes with a gun.

There is an overall time limit so at first you tend to concentrate on getting the puzzle together correctly and ignore the bonuses. As you improve these bonuses can boost your score greatly.

A further hazard is the bomb block which gives you five seconds to reject it or douse it with a dripping tap for more points. Pieces of the puzzle can be pushed off the board when sections of the side walls slide open.

The pictures are all of famous people, I got to see Reagan, Thatcher, Kinnock, Sir Clive, Alan Sugar and Prince Charles before losing all three of my lives and after several attempts.

Considering this is not an animated arcade wonder, I found it very addictive, reactions have to be very fast and most importantly you have to think!

A marvellous combination of strategy, puzzle and reactions. The pictures are all recognisable and well drawn, control is sensitive and I found it easier using a joystick.