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Spirit Of The Stones
By Commodore
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #88

Spirit Of The Stones is a program and 37-page book which tells the story of a hidden treasure and contains clues to locating its whereabouts on the Isle of Wight. The inclusion of the book presumably justifies the high price.

The program is a mixture of a treasure hunt and arcade action. You wander round the Isle of Wight in search of 40 single diamonds and one large one. There are 21 locations and the inside of each location is like a new level in an arcade game. You have to avoid evil spirits, climb ladders, jump over gaps, etc to seek out the diamonds or clues.

Throughout the game your strength is weakened by attacks from creatures on the island and in the buildings, and you have only a limited time.

Apart from the enjoyment of the game, on solving the clues you can write in and claim against a prize fund.

I found the arcade-type situations quite enjoyable but I would need to be very dedicated to bother solving the clues. The music, while good, is annoying after a time. Verdict: too dear if you want an action game.