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Home Computing Weekly

Speed Duel
By DK Tronics
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #44

Never judge a book, or for that matter, a cassette, by its cover. This offering came with an insert hand-written on the back of an old Asteroids game and I did not hold out much hope for it. I was surprised.

It's a race game where you must steer your car around one of five progressively longer circuits in an attempt to beat the computer's car.

There are five levels of difficulty plus a practice option.

A joystick may be used and for real skill, you need it.

The graphics are good and there is a high score table for competitions.

I found it an enjoyable game and quite a challenge. The roads twist and turn, and it really is tricky to keep the car from crashing.

Beware the accelerator though. I think it has been borrowed from Concorde.