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Spectrum Golf
By R&R
Spectrum 16K

Published in ZX Computing #8

Spectrum Golf

Like many other people, I enjoy a game of golf. Unfortunately, the British culture doesn't always allow me to go and play a few holes anytime I want. I don't mind though. If rain prevents play then I can stay indoors and load Spectrum Golf from R&R Software into my Spectrum.

Having played quite a few different types of computerised golf before, I was pleasantly surprised at how close this program came to the real game.

It is a game for one or two people over a nine or 18 hole course. Each hole is of a completely random construction and can be either a par three, a par four or a par five, with hole lengths ranging from about 160 yards to over 500 yards. Although each hole looks the same length as the last on the screen, they are all on different scales.

For each shot, the player is asked for the direction of the shot, and the strength of hit. Direction is based on the numbers on a clockface, assuming that the ball is the centre of the clockface. Strength is guaged simply on a scale of 1-100.

Between the tee and the green of each hole are varying amounts of water, sand and rough for the unwary player to get trapped in as well as the major hazard - trees. Once you've landed in one of these uncompromising positions then life is made very difficult indeed.

This is an outstanding simulation which should appeal especially to the new Spectrum owner. I hope that it is as appealing to non-golfers as it is to me.

My best score? Nine under par, but then there was a very helpful wind behind me!

Spectrum Golf, priced at £4.95, is produced by R&R Software, 34 Bourton Road, Tuffley, Gloucester GL4 0LE.

Darren Norbury