Home Computing Weekly

Spawn Of Evil

Author: D.J.
Publisher: DK Tronics
Machine: Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #17

One whole side of the tape is devoted to detailed instructions on how to play and setting out the complex breeding cycle of your enemy. Your mission is to boldly go where no Spectrum owner has been before to destroy "EGG" and its progeny.

The lengthy instructions may be copied to your printer and on the ZX printer exceed 1 metre long. Careful study of the tutor section is advisable before you go EGG hunting.

Your screen shows either a wide range scanner view or a more detailed close up of the battle. There are several realistic features: having to stop for repairs, guns overheating and a good simulation of a space dogfight.

The game has obviously been well thought out and is colourful and exciting to play. But the version I had tended to crash on occasions for no apparent reason.


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