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Spaghetti Western Simulator
By Zeppelin Games
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #107

Spaghetti Western Simulator

Spaghetti Western Simulator? Yes, only this time The Man With No Name has got one - Clint Westband (groan!). Your general aim is blast away all the bandits in the five horizontally scrolling townships and yet being careful not to shoot the good guys (just like the real thing!).

As a "simulator", this completely fails. Where's the suspect dubbing? Where's the suspect dubbing? Where's the one-on-one high noon shootouts with Lee Van Cleef? Where's the playability? Let's hope that Zeppelin Games haven't taken up the Code Masters "simulator" habit with further games of a similar quality.


I doubt that Mr. Eastwood would've become the superstar he is if he looked anything like the main sprite in this game. Don't even consider buying it.


Sergio Leone would've vomited into the nearest bucket if he'd even witnessed this completely inept game.