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Spaghetti Western
By Zeppelin Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #60

Spaghetti Western

There's rootin', tootin' an' shootin' aplenty down at Dodge City. Why? 'Cos he of the itchy trigger finger, Clint Westband, is comin' to town. He ain't good, he ain't really bad, but he sure is ugly. And he'll do anything for a few dollars more.

Clint is a bounty hunter. He's out for all he can git, and doesn't care what he has to do to git it (er...). Whether it's gunnin' down outlaws, or just picking up discarded dosh. He'll do it for a fistful of dollars.

He starts by walkin' into town. The situation immediately becomes hostile. Missiles of a surprising variety are thrown at Clint as he moseys along. His assailants remain out of view, though, so all he can do is put a bullet into the fast flying objects to bring them to a halt. Surprisingly, this bottle-shooting act earns much appreciated bounty.

Spaghetti Western Simulator

Clint walks with the gait of an arthritic tortoise, so attempting to dodge the airborne articles is virtually impossible. And unfortunately, he's about as quick off the draw as the afore-mentioned disadvantaged genus tortilla, and his aim is about as accurate too. More often than not, Clint gets hit by the incoming projectiles, zapping his limited energy supply.

As Clint ambles along awkwardly (the poor bloke looks saddle-sore after riding through the desert all day), he comes across some real desperadoes who aren't scared to show their faces. They don't really have too much to fear. By the time Clint's trembling fingers have pulled back the trigger they've disappeared behind the doorway or window they came from.

Graphics are blocky and badly-drawn. Sound is crude and limited to gunshots and bleeps. It's annoying to play. You can see the axes and whatnot flying towards you, but it just takes too long to get out of the way or shoot them. Gunning down the bad guys is even harder - by the time your shot's lined up they've gone again. Spaghetti Western deserves to be buried in Boot Hill.

Second Opinion

Spaghetti Western Simulator

Clint is a shambling, bow-legged old dinosaur (- so what's new?)

First Day Target Score



Graphics 34%
N. Blocky and ill-defined.

Spaghetti Western Simulator

Sonics 31%
N. Just beeps and bangs.

Grab Factor 41%
N. Difficult to control.

Staying Power 36%
N. Too hard to get anywhere.

Overall 37%
A two-bit son of a gun.

James Leach

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