Personal Computer Games

Space Pilot

Author: SC
Publisher: Anirog
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #7

Space Pilot

Space Pilot has flown straight out of the arcades where it appeared under the name Time Pilot.

You zoom about the screen blasting away at enemy fighters. The cloud-filled sky scrolls about you as your opponents wheel in from all directions.

There are five different levels, each belonging to a different time zone. First you battle it out with vintage bi-planes in 1919, Next it's pranging jerries in the Second World War. In the 1970s you face helicopter gunships, followed by jets in 1984 and flying saucers in 2001.

Space Pilot 1

You must destroy 56 enemies in each zone before moving on to the next level. Sometimes pilots bale out, and you can pick them up in mid-air for bonus points. The opposition will occasionally attack in squadrons of six craft, whereupon you again have a chance of a bonus if you blast them all before they leave the screen.

As the technology of your opponents advances, they become progressively harder to destroy, and will fight back with guided missiles and bombs. Shoot the missiles and bombs as well if you can.

You don't have to keep count of how many planes you've shot - as soon as you've notched up the magic number on level 1, a Zeppelin appears. Shoot that and you're on to the next screen. The higher levels are completed in similar, but modern, style. The graphics are very good, though your plane does look a bit like a duck!

Combined with the action and acceptable sound, they make Space Pilot a very enjoyable romp through the skies.


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