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Home Computing Weekly

Space Pilot
By Anirog
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

This game will appeal to the more adventurous players who have always wanted to rule the sky and kill anything that moves.

The object is to shoot about 56 enemy aircraft, collect the parachutists and finally blow up the zeppelin. Completing this will take you onto another level of enemy aircraft. There are five levels in all, each one containing different types of assault from different periods in the history of aviation.

The scenario is a screen of clouds moving left and right with your enemies moving inwards from the sides. You stay in the centre and everything else moves according to how you push the joystick.

The graphics are slightly chunky and lack definition in places. This is quite acceptable though - good use is made of colour which accounts for a drop in resolution.

I found that when playing any minor faults in the graphics were made up by the action.

Space Pilot is a good game which loads well - it only took 80 seconds. A joystick is preferable to the keyboard for playing.


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