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The Micro User

Space Pilot
By Superior
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 3.02

Flights through time

At the controls of your sleek craft you are transported through space and time as you single-handedly tackle the most sophisticated war machines of five different time periods.

For several years Space Pilot has been one of my own particular favourite arcade games. I was therefore overjoyed to find Superior Software's version bore an uncanny resemblance to the original.

The game begins in 1916, the enemy being squadrons of biplanes. As your ship is technically superior you have little difficulty in wreaking havoc with these antique aircraft. Their only form of attack is to lob bombs at you from the cockpit.

Having limbered up on the first four squadrons, an airship plus escorts appears. Destroy this and you collect a 2000 point bonus and are transported to the next level.

Our next stop is 1940 when we engage battle with squadrons of Spitfires. These prove to be a little more taxing as they can fire back.

They are also accompanied by the occasional larger plane which fires a constant stream of bullets in all directions. These appear if you dawdle around waiting for parachutists to drift down through the screen.

Flying through a parachute is worth 1000 points so these are often worth the risk involved. Screen three takes place in 1970, when your new opponents are helicopters. You may not rate helicopters as being much of an adversary - and you would be correct - but you try knocking out the damn homing missiles they keep firing in your direction!

The next year, 1980, begins to sort the men from the boys. The jet fighters are fast and they also have no regard for the tax payers' money as they squander homing missiles two at a time.

I would have loved to have told you all about the UFOs on screen five but due to circumstances beyond my control there always seemed to be one missile too many heading in my direction. Must be my magnetic personality.

Space Pilot is an excellent game for both beginner and hotshot. It begins nice and steady but once you reach the higher levels just watch those bad guys move.

Jon Revis