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Home Computing Weekly

Space Intruders
By Quicksilva
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #5

Superbly packaged, Quicksilva's version of the standard Space invaders format comes with a helpful keyboard overlay, a hold facility (useful for stiff fingers) and a high score table. The solid machine code program never failed to load while I was testingit.

A good display, with finely detailed invader graphics, though I didn't like the pink fons. The laser base responds quickly and moves smoothly, with the intruders reaching an impressive speed in the endgame. High quality sound effects add excitement.

Occasionally, a silent blue ship flits across the screen. This is billed in the attract mode as carrying mystery points, but on destruction none are displayed - a real mystery! And invaders sometimes die, awarding points, *before* a shot is even fired. But there are no serious bugs.

Fun to play, and great dexterity is required to clear more than ten screens. A good implementation of the arcade game, all it lacks is originality.