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Space Harrier II
By Grandslam
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #100

Space Harrier II

Not to be confused with the 1986 coin-op (which Elite converted to home computers), Space Harrier II is in fact a conversion of the Sega Megadrive game which was released when the machine was launched at the beginning of last year.

It's basically very similar to the coin-op original, with the player taking control of a jet-packing, laser-toting hero on a mission to liberate the Fantasy Zone from alien occupation.

There are twelve different areas to fly through, each one swarming with aliens which must be dodged or blasted. At the end of each zone is a big mother alien - destroy it and you can move on to the next area. When all of them have been dispatched, the Fantasy Zone is free.


Space Harrier II is a very well-programmed, good looking and playable game, but suffers the same problems as the ST version - it's just much too similar to the original game which you can now get for only £2.99.

Atari ST

Although Space Harrier II is a very slick and faithful conversion of the Megadrive game, featuring colourful, fast and smooth 3D graphics and decent sounds, it doesn't really have anything new to offer.

Okay, so you've got a new set of aliens to blast, but really it's just the same as the previous game. Still, if you can't get enough of Space Harrier, or missed out on the original, this is about the best version you're likely to see on the ST.