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Space Fortress
By Romik
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #9

One of the better Space Invader style games. According to the storyline, you are lost in space following a breakdown in your craft and have to destroy the Space Fortress.

This is defended by a strong armoury including a Suicide Squad, Sidewinders and Sistorian Swoopers. Finally you fight off the Purple Avangers before you can make an attack on the Fortress.

Destroying the Fortress gains an extra life (to add to the five granted at the beginning of the game). A maximum of nine lives can be accumulated, and with them a vary large score.

The instructions are clear, and well set out in the program. For the keenest enthusiast there are up to twenty skill levels and even a competition to enter to find a world champion.

Good use of sound and graphics. To make the best use of the fast action, use a joystick rather than the keyboard.


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