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Space Fighter
By Superior
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #27

This arcade-style game is based on features found in Defender and Scramble. Your spaceship whizzes over the surface of a planet while you mete out justice to six types of nasty, making sure to hit the occasional fuel dump to keep your supply topped up.

The aliens have different characteristics. The Baiters move towards your ship, the Trimorts must be shot three times before they go down and you can only kill the Baryons with a smart bomb, of which you have three. After that, you just avoid them.

The game has six levels and you can select which one to start with - very useful if you haven't quite managed to work your way through to the different stages.

The program loaded perfectly and the screen display and graphics are excellent, although I would have liked to see the aliens explode when hit rather than just vanish.

There are no humanoids to save or corridors to navigate and although it may not be completely fair to call it a poor man's Defender, the lack of such features limits the number of times you will come back to play it.

Why is BBC software more expensive than that for other micros? Prices for such games as there should now be £5-£6.


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