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Computer Gamer

Space Doubt
Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #11

Space Doubt

"This is the Captain's log of the USS Omnibus travelling in deep space to deliver food supplies to the planet Niblondis. Unfortunately we have a small problem, meteors have pierced the ship and the hideous ravaging Bogloids have started to eat the supplies - and the crew. Already Col. Skvidjibod (the token Norwegian) and Maj Underpant have been digested so it's up to me (Lt. Cdr. Sock) to clear the ship."

Such is the scenario of Space Doubt. The instructions are contained in an extremely witty cartoon strip, though you don't notice that they are instructions to begin with - you're too interested in reading the cartoon!

To play the game, you need to collect a power block and go in search of the Bogloids; these you can zap to your heart's content. You can also seal up the holes that they make. The power block is very much like a flame thrower, how it can fix holes and fry Bogloids as well, I don't know.

The game is played on a screen-to-screen basis with lots of numbered rooms. Access to rooms is through computer-operated doors that might (or might not!) open.

So that's the crux of the game: simple, but effective. The thread of humour that runs through the game is very good and the game itself is quite good and colourful.

For a further taste of Space Doubt, Computer Gamer will be running the continuing adventure of the USS Omnibus in further issues of the magazine.