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Home Computing Weekly

Software Star
By Addictive Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #101

The object of the game sounds original; you are the head of a software company, just starting out with one program.

Your aim is to get one product to the top of the charts, and make a profit. But the software market is highly competitive, and the going is tough.

If Addictive was to play with this program, they'd fail at an early stage. This bright idea is just a business simulation program, and a poor simulation at that.

Several decisions you make are quite trivial. Are your advertisements honest, or a 'hype'? Do you provide your workers with an incentive, or discipline (yes or no)? There are some real decisions: how much advertising, when to start developing new software, and when to launch it, but the trivial stuff gave the impression that, as an entrepreneur the player doesn't have any real control.

There are too few graphics, just page after page of questions, and figures; the only slight excitement being the rise of your game up the software charts.