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Soccer Stars
By Empire
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #79

Soccer Stars

Hurrah! This is what we call a brilliant compo. Four of the best footie games of all time all bundled together in one reasonably-priced pack.

The best of the four games is Emlyn Hughes' International Soccer, which is also the only one featuring a side view of the action (the other three are all overhead jobbies). It's fairly slow, but very easy to see what's going on, the strategy/team selection bits are dead good, and brilliant passing moves are easy. Excellent.

Microprose Soccer includes 6-a-side and indoor versions, along with the standard outdoor 11-a-side game. There's a very small 'window box' view of the action and not much in the way of colour, but the playability is spot on.

Gazza 2 and Kick Off 2 are similar small sprites/large pitch thingamyjigs, the former having originally made a big splash as a cartridge game before making the jump to disk and tape. If you haven't got too many of these games already, buy this compo right this minute. You won't regret it.

Rod Lawton

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