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Soccer Q
By Cult Games
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #64

Soccer Q

Soccer Q is a rather strange mixture of football management game and trivia quiz. The first task is to choose one of the thirty two teams on offer. The aim as in all other footy games is to reach the top of division one and ultimately win the FA Cup. But goals aren't scored by playing matches, they are in fact awarded when you answer a soccer related question correctly. At the end of each match the league tables are calculated and displayed, but watch out if your performance is consistently low you will be relegated rather than promoted. Training your team is very important the success of this is again determined by a correct answer to a question, get it wrong and the team will be too tired to train.

Garish colours, long winded print-outs of the days results and footy related questions that I could neither read (because of the garish backgrounds) or answer anyway (because I'm not as footy mad as our Phil) did nothing to endear me to Soccer O. Not that most football manager games are wildly exciting anyway, but the idea of asking trivia questions instead of viewing porky sprites wobbling around a pitch isn't a bad one I suppose.

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