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Home Computing Weekly

By Thorn EMI
Atari 400/800

Published in Home Computing Weekly #15

Soccer opens with a tediously prolonged title page, then displays the various options. Any combination of up to four human and two computer teams is possible, over four skill levels.

After choosing sides you are presented with a typical Match of the Day elevated side view of the pitch, which is neatly marked out. The pitch extends over three screen widths, so when the ball moves off screen, the whole pitch scrolls.

Corners and throw ins are catered for, all punctuated by realistic whistles from the invisible referee. The players themselves are very detailed and clear.

The computer plays a mean game, never missing a pass or losing a tackle even at level 1. This team manager was less than pleased at a scoreline of 18-1 after 10 minutes.

The game can be played for 10, 45 or 90 minutes, although it's difficult seeing anyone play that long. There are some nice touches in this creditable copy of the Intellivision game, although I missed the crowd effects.

Marc Freebury

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