Snodgits (Sparklers) Review | ZX Computing - Everygamegoing

ZX Computing

By Creative Sparks
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #28


I like a good whodunnit especially if I can solve the crime before I reach the end of the book. Benton the butlet shares my enjoyment and I was pleased that we could join forces in Snodgits.

Benton is an amateur sleuth who must solve various crimes in the mansions owned by Lord and Lady Snodger. Unfortunately, he must also see to their needs while snooping about for clues.

Until now all of the thefts have been blamed on the Snodgits, mischievous little creatures who inhabit the Snodger houses. Various famous detectives are also working on the case and Benton must solve the cases before the likes of Miss Marbles, Inspctor Clousteau or Padlock Holmes get cracking.

Each game is set in a different house. There are five houses altogether, each with a maximum of six floors. All start off with only two floors with a new floor being added as you progress through the levels of the game.

The Snodgits will tell you that a certain object is required by a certain member of the family. You must locate the object and deliver it to its owner. This enables you to visit the clue table. Here you can match up suspects to the object they have stolen. If you are correct, you must then report them to a detective.

On your way around the house, you must avoid bumping into Snodgits or the person who is currently bellowing for an object. If you bump into one of the other characters you can exchange whatever they are carrying for the object in your possession, be it a turkey, candlestick, suitcase or rubber duck. You pay a penalty for each indiscretion and if too many errors are made, you will never solve the crime.

The graphics are superb, chunky 3D affairs and I've not enjoyed a game like this for a long time. It's on the budget Sparklers label too. All I can say is thank you Creative Sparks, CDS and Martin Harris. This game deserves a place in the Top Ten games.

A Monster Hit.